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Thursday, December 25, 2014

What abject loneliness can do .. on Xmas Eve

Last night into early shades of darkening morn
she pulled out her hair, ' never to.. , ' she'd sworn

Again, no one came to 'grab the bull by the horn'
 take away the deep-rooted pain; tugged and torn

Images of her minds eye remind her he was no lie
they had a life filled with her as sun; he as blue sky

'In the past,' she feels free enough to one day die
for then her child was left alone to play, not cry 

Everyday she sobs in despair over teen, not there
Steal  him away, a second time, how did they dare?

Treated with as much disdain as whore without name
Only good thing; she's onto their imbecilic game 

Without the feeding of her love he's lost his glow
A single mom and only Son; what's not to know?

Often she feels as if their's no need for her, at all
Caught up in the pain she falls short, not 'stands tall'

Where's the heart she held open for close to 2 decades?
What she knows is that true love never falls or fades

'Reading her' is not what is of  value or importance 
Simply a warm hug and a helping hand; lend balance 

She's lost just about everyone you could ever imagine
All her clothes in a storage locker;  once, 'the fashion'

Persecutor's be a few of her un-manly resentful X's
Along with 'witches' who have cast condemning hex

Most others older than her have their parents alive 
Long ago, she lost her own Mom, Dad and Tribe 

When she remembers.. she feels better for a while
Waking up, later to without kindness or smile

Rarely is she acknowledged for what she was or is 
Even with her teeth fixed she's fearful to gently kiss

Getting older is not a forte of bombshell of her ilk
Used to have pink sheets made of smoothest silk

The guys in her life never cared about her true heart
They were best at taking away mostly every part

Who would miss her if she'd bother take leave, soon?
Maybe just some loser, one pig, the scoffer and a baffoon 

No home with her son for over 3 years of living hell
,Aging; alone with 2 big, hungry dogs - Can't anyone tell?

Dancing used to be so much fun in that sexy bikini 
Now that fun's been taken away; slander not so teeny

Child that once looked into her eyes with total trust
Today old gaucker's troll the internet for famed' Bust' 

Tales of torrid hardship are nothing compared to hers
Writing her poems is what she mostly, now prefers

Who cares is she lives or dies, until she has gone
That's when they will be sorry they done her wrong

Scoffing at her childlike self is mean to the core
Laughing with her is what will help win the war

Hire this genius filled with mischief and mirth
Incredible gifts of blessed her's you shalt unearth

Unable to understand her mind is not excuse for you
to continue hurting her with energies hard and cruel 

Only a stupid fool keeps throwing stones, too late 
Cant' you wait.. she's almost 'gone,' you ingrate 

Pass the piss n' vinegar to another wounded ONE
getting hurt over and over, is not too much fun 

Healing is what she knows how to do, so very best
Take away the ass-holes and she's aced abysmal  test

Wipe her tears with more than your  dirtied hankie 
Get her 'out of jail' to see her missed brother, Frankie

Trust that this Goddess  is more than ever dreamed 
Remember, most situations are not as earlier deemed 

,Empty your angry engine of bitterness and steam 
Go with her on the wildest ride; let yourself dream 

Stop being so vulgar, mean and ill tempered to a Queen
Start loving  Mother with the milk - not curdled cream!

Katherine Marion 

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