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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

MEN IN DENIM .. did us Right!

My dear Dad; died of a broken-heart
call it a fatal 'attack'
My uncle Bill; asbestos poisoning
will not, come back
My uncle Harvey;logging accident
too early; body went slack
So many Men; could have 'been'
never, again, to be seen
What happened to a 'real Man?'
tossed into 'corporate can'
Raising my Son as an individual
nary part of the residual
Seen too many lives; wasted away
what's a good Woman to say?
Bring back what is real and right
corporate lies; we must fight!
Katherine Marion
Speak your voices, people
More importantly .. take effective action.
Create a viable solution
and follow .. through.
Best new years wishes .. come true!!
special K in your newest, clearest day


INSPIRED BY A POSTER - as per shared on my fb page.

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