Wednesday, December 24, 2014


The first unconditional LOVE a precious person knows .. is as a Child in his Mothers' loving arms
Kindest KING KAELIN & his '' Amazing Mommy'
2005 - Saving my Son 

 Unconditional Love 
be not a set of Angel Wings
from 'God above'
Unconditional Love 
be not well lit gilded Lilies
from divine Dove
Unconditional Love
be not church choir that sings
'push comes to shove'
Unconditional Love
be not talk'n sweet nil-ies
bosom body rub
Unconditional Love
be not exchanging rings
cozy, comfort hub
Unconditional Love
be not parading prettiest Fillies
grabbing a Sub
Unconditional Love
be not empty man-made things
heart's empty tug
Unconditional Love
be Kindness for Man and Milly's
One Universal hug!
Katherine Marion


' Choose being kind over being right
and you'll be right every time.'

Richard Carlson


I read Richard's wonderfully, true
quote .. and i was inspired .. to
write the above poem.

This loving pic.. i pulled from old
laptop files.. for this sweetness
i once knew .. makes my breaking
heart .. fall into happy, wholesome
perfect smiles.


Merry Xmas eve from PUPS and I.

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