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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

'I am not other .. Mother's, ' my magical Mother offered me



                      " I am not other Mother's,' my  magical Mother offered me
                       already she was opening up mine  eyes, to more fully see

                       Simply, all because I wanted what any other silly kid .. 'did'
                       She honored her very soul  responsibility to self, nary to rid

                      'Mom, can i stay overnight for my girlfriends' pajama party,"
                       I felt surely safe to ask her, at our lovely home, ever safely

                       I have remembered her powerful words for decades, already
                       A person who could hold herself high and forever,elegantly

                       Now, I have become an ' Amazing Mommy' to one dear Son
                       We've shared a series of  hellish hardships; battles 'hard-won'

                       The 'times'are tougher with the advent of modern technology
                       Wishing saying, ' No,' to a sleep-over, was only trial.. to be

                       Seeing peer's replace 'Parents' is beyond .. misery already
                       Feeling my only Child's pain as he passes through  puberty

                       Makes my heart swell up with compassion for his woes
                       This 'new age' is placing youth under pressure; precariously

                       So many dreams.. I witness.. being dashed to dismal shore
                       Yet, a whole wide world, still left to most hopefully explore

                       Others have sold him packs of lies as only thieves, are able
                       Thank Goddess, my Baby K at close to 19 is sane and stable

                       Today's uncultured culture are passive-aggressive at mere best
                       Good thing, I held mine close and kept him on nurturing breast

                       The first formative years are those that  count most importantly
                        Of wretched emotional vampires; he will soon set himself free

                       Teach your Children by primary example; to speak up for self
                       Or Goddess-almighty, no book will ever leave its' clever shelf

                       Own your power by speaking your mind; thus to do the same
                       'Get over yourself,' and never riddle him with old, dead shame

                       Feel your emotion's, yet don't slap them onto his glorious face
                       Continue to prove to that you are the best; take action;' Amaze'

                       Fill him up with confidence and esteem shall be his strength
                       Do anything that is tall and mighty and go to any loving 'length'

                      Value him as he is the clearest vision .. of your unclouded mirror
                      See him clearly; show him only love, never bolt in vexing fear

                     Touch his tender core with consciousness he cannot afford, ignore
                     Don't take turns  ever to keep track or lose .. of; to keep score

                     Offer him your heart, rather than dollar to spend on senseless thing
                     Make yourself 'measure up,' and pull his tenderest heart string

                    Share your triumph's and fill him full of light that may have been lost
                     Replace what is not real; with brave and  courageous heart, embossed

                     Look him, regularly, in the eyes, so he can see he is more than fine
                     Never lose your gaze, for he views you as that of all that is divine

                    Allow him to come to you for need at any hour he feels fir or not
                    Never into the vise-grip of fears. allow him to be woefully caught

                    Aim as high as heaven ever permitted you to see him from thus, afar
                    Pluck the feathers, almighty, from the any enduring, long settled tar

                    Remind him, constantly, that you are there for him, in deed, always
                    Trusting your innate strengths.. will only further allow him to know \his!\

                   Katherine Marion



                  Or, ' How to be a Good Dad in 50 Steps'
                  For all of the beaten-down Momma's and whining non-paying
                  indigent schleps ..


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