Tuesday, December 30, 2014

I feel he makes you ever so happy, Baby Sis

I feel he makes you ever so happy
Baby Sis
Dearest darling guy; sweetest Sandi
Baby Sis
Wrapping his loving arms round my
Baby Sis
Cherish his kind heart, all the while
Baby Sis

Allow him to forever make you smile
Baby Sis
Hold on steadfast; tight, to your love
Baby Sis
Must be blessed Angel from Above
Baby Sis
Cherish his every conscious kiss
Baby Sis!
Big sister who cares deeply - Katherine Marion
I KNOW ... you are going to begin sobbing
.. with joy .. when you read this, beautiful
Baby sis - Thelma.


  1. Hope you joined by beautiful blog; where i don't seem to be able to alter or fix the font color .. egad.

    What does your insignia .. of sorts, mean?

    Feel free to post kind, conscious comments on this award-winning poets' pages, baby sis.

    love big siSTAR K