Tuesday, December 16, 2014

What the Mind/Body loves Best ..


                             What the mind/body loves best
                              be the calming reassurance of REST

                              No arduous mathematician's test
                              is less than a minus; serving duress

                              Every time we feel that old 'stress'
                              Sleep-in, do Yoga - more, not less

                              All a body needs; I must confess
                              is for the head to begin to undress

                             What the mind/body loves best
                             be the calming reassurance of REST

                              No stimulants; cigs ..; bad for chest
                              let alone deadly for loving breath

                              Every emotion we do sadly suppress
                              removes us from compassion's caress

                              All we are is what we think; so Ref
                              take a break, before your catch death!

                              Katherine Marion

                              Words come to me .. as gems.
                               May you make these .. sparkle.

                               special K - the real live .. article


                              I set the intention to attend this eve's first
                              Parent/Teacher meetings at my son's new
                              High School, although no one had invited
                              me, in the first or last .. place.

                              Realizing i was going to have to somehow
                              safely bike across .. 3 cities to get to the one,
                              in the pouring rain, without lights, helmet,
                              or decent bike gear .. i laid low.

                              With a mere 7 mins per Teacher and only
                              'permitted to see 4,' on a fast track to what
                              feels like nowhere .. i stayed here at the cheap
                              hotel pups and i love to rest, best - in.

                              Safer and Saner,

                              Certified Homeschooling momma who raised
                              her son for 16 years .. without school, curriculum,
                              or calculating govt feds that make money off of
                              taking children from their mother and enslaving
                              them in institutions to make big $$$ and caring
                              none the less for any other - let alone, Mother.

                              Very special ' Amazing Mommy'
                              Wise-One K


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