Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Old Paradigm that does not and never did work

                                        Every single male i know, each immature one
                                        has not the balance i gave unto my own teen son
                                        Of 'dad, ' teenage x, and another .. all with Mother
                                        still cling to old misogynistic concept; none other
                                        Nil wish for my child to be held high in my light
                                        Each foolish 'boy';  running away in fear and fright

                                        Pushing my vulnerable  child to 'be a real man'
                                        Nary sordid sort; ever to be as close as I Am

                                        Old paradigm that does not and never did work
                                        Responsibilities these scoundrels'continue to shirk

                                        Envious of this Mother they wish they each had
                                        Aching to make me the 'bad,' 'mad' and surely sad

                                       In HISstory, when was it ever much so different?
                                       Before they just cut off her head, leaving theirs .. bent

                                       Remain steadfast, knowing that what we thus, give
                                       No vain bastard or envious fool can ever to easily rid

                                       One Amazing mom

                                       Katherine Marion


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