Monday, December 8, 2014

Looking out into the Forest

                    Looking out into the forest
                    I see the truth looking at me

                    Lifting my head to gaze into
                    A world created so perfectly

                    I hear traffic on the highway
                    Yet, my heart is now set free

                    Soon i shall leave my room
                    Travel into nature; too briefly

                    Our dogs know what is real
                    Every smell is vital and alive

                    Locked up in a hotel room
                    No soul is allowed to thrive

                    Divinity is sky, ground, sea
                    Upon this planet; eternally

                    Venture out to touch reality
                    You will be healed; instantly!

                    Katherine Marion


                   Our 'first Mother; ' she is the one
                   we must obey, listen to and protect.

                  More than any 'other.'\

                  Or, we have none - at all.

                 K.M. - Standing Brave and Tall


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