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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year - Be sure to let go of your fear

Happy New Year
be sure to let go of your fear
The governing body
is as sick as you allow .. to be
Don't permit society
to set you up for their insanity
Write your own decree
dump their dirt; into frothing sea
Happy New Year
be sure to drink another beer
Here's a 'too late' toast
to all those lost; blushed of rose
Hold fast pretty glass
be sure to take out your trash
Living being's now gone
sing them some drunkard's song
Happy New Year
be sure of convention; to adhere
Turn your back on beauty
fail to stand up to sovereignty
Up the wattage on technology
program your empty life; accordingly
Down toxic booze, tonight
wake up, tomorrow in vomit and fright
Happy New Year
to all whom never made it
May you rest in peace
set your magical minds at ease
Treasuring you is joy
this Woman; bore bureacracies Boy
My Mother was as you
I bless you, all; with heart ever true!
Don't lose yourselves, 'fellow man'
Own your power
i am

Goddess - be damned!
special K cause have the gall and balls .. to say.


HAUNTING PHOTO .. sent via email ; 

'Those were the day' - oh, ya
not much different, nowadays, still
sad to say

Good people - .. still .. are hurt
and made to pay!


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