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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Xmas 2014 ' short' - WISH LIST

Raw Kat and her happy raw, vegan homeschooled Son of a  Supernatural Mom

For a start, here is what i WANT - not simply .. what i NEED

Christmas Day and my birthday Jan 5th with my beloved boy


New, lovely feminine clothing

Gift certificates for Real Raw Food - online and off

Fresh, raw, gourmet chocolate with coconut/nuts -organic - delivered to my divine doorstep

Helpers, donator's, givers, lovers, look- Her - after's

My own beautiful home that costs me nothing to live in- puppy friendly

Good friends to call me own - whom want nothing at all, from me

Unconditional LOVE

To run our doggies, daily, at the beach

To live overlooking the water

To see my Brother - it's been years- have someone drive me to Abbotsford or put me up in a safe place while i visit him in jail

Tons of fresh, flash-frozen beef with organs for 2 big raw Labs - non-medicated

My son back.. re-instated in my rawsome realm

Xmas with my child in a warm, cozy location

To rest, sleep, be comforted - pampered

Professional healing work - massages, TCM, Reflexology

YYOGA membership with infrared sauna

Gym membership at Fitness World, nearby, that i still have not visited .. even

Sexy, lacy lingerie that any real lady does LOVE

A trusted team to help take my creative ideas the bank

A completed script that brings me millions $$$$

Full line of postcards, greeting cards, book markers, posters of myself and my loving life

Amazing website generating top $$$ revenue - e commerce

To dance and be proud of who i am and not give a damn

Magnetize generous, willing, kind, open-minded, loving-hearted individuals whom encourage and uplift

Safe, sacred space created on every level for my teenager and i - with puppies

Be paid a Queen's ransom for my pure and purposeful perceptions

Extremely handsome $$$$ advance ... thanks to a highly reputable publisher with book tours and ' INTERNATIONALLY BEST SELLING' books of mine magical own.

' The KATHERINE & KAELIN SHOW' - airing our concerns and clearing up the past hits by 4Chan and other dirty online trolls who practically ruined our life - a few years ago, still not settled . including 'OTHER' discussions and discourse .. we may wish to converge into .. consciously raising awareness of cyber bullying and community slander, etc.

Our Class Action Suit against B.C,'s bungling Ministry of Children and Families - since they practically destroyed our bliss-filled life - onset 8 mo's pregnant .. til now - over 19 years of harrowing hell on earth, 2 x stealing my son, close to 50 far from reputable ' anonymous' 'community' calls .. investigated on our side and never on their mentally-ill sides - i even know their sick names.

Winning court case against the Crown for allowing the convicted child rapist/murderer Robert Hewdlar - aka Bob Kneiss our on parole so he could stalk me on a highway while i was biking as a teen, to rape me on 2 vicious occasions - placing him in jail for over 34 years of his life - and mine - until he died after my mom passed away .. and my life began to unravel.
Sanity in this often harsh, cruel world that condemns innocence and puts away purity.

Supernatural Sanctuary - my dream - one of them- to come into fabulous fruition


Now, to enjoy a relaxing soak .. in Himalayan Crystals.. before biking to place an ad .. on one hours sleep.

Wish me well.

Ask and it is Given,

Katherne Marion

Can't wait to see . my deepest truest .. dreams .. come true!!

Dear Greg, for all of those loving, generous gifts - thank generous, kindest you!

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