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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Other's May Cry and Pout

                                           Other's May Cry and Pout

                          Other's may selfishly cry and pointlessly pout
                          I am here on this forlorn land to figure it out

                         Selfish soul's give to none other loving brother
                         Too many of million's i be heart'filled Mother

                         Kicking others in the head never makes wisdom
                         Dropping those you love creates not a Christian

                         Look yourself in sad face and wipe that  mirror
                         Dampened head-space to erase; letting go of fear

                         Trust that you are enough and let the cell-mate out
                          Forgive what you could never do anything about

                         Praise others like Mothers with diapers, lost in shit
                         Give gratitude for a better attitude; gladly show it

                         'Reap what you sow' by being the best you know
                         Start aligning yourself with those who keep aglow

                         Foreign is the land inhabited by dark lust and avarice
                         Love has no room to fall into another's hellish abyss

                        Create what you do not see and are aware is needed
                        Cleanse your mind of rotten seeds once sourly seeded
                        Listen to open heart's that gladly beckon's as beacon
                        Stop taking 'free' water from a rusty pipe that is leak'n

                        Instill healthier values that you would wish of your child
                        Own your power by doing 'right' with spirit free and wild

                        Turn over the key to a vehicle that never served you well
                        Choose Heaven on Earth while others make their own hell

                        Tread carefully on fresh Petunia's that need water and sun
                        Believe in your highest self and know you are 'someone'

                        Stop bashing old ladies who gave life and carried out trash
                        Quit doing dope, binge-eating and buying up gold and hash

                        See the beauty in a Butterfly that lives such a short lifespan
                        Touch her wings and learn to be your own real and kind man

                        Play music that harmonizes with your most giving, open heart
                        Give all; don't just whine, complain, blame and let out a fart!!!

                        Katherine Marion


                      When 'fed-up' do not ever 'give up'
                      Share what is inside .. rather than 'being beside' yourself.
                      From someone who wants to sometimes die and chooses ..

                     From the Land of  Aught - Loving 3rd Eye,



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