Tuesday, December 2, 2014


                                                   FIGURE IT OUT

                           Why did grateful Gandhi  have to go and die/?
                           Why did they choose do away with Princess Di?

                           Why did they really put away magical Mandela?
                           What's the hopeless hype they try and  sell ya?

                           Why did they nail purest Jesus to a bloody cross?
                           What's the point of one more loving person's loss?

                           Why did Marilyn go not of her own willing hand?
                           Why did John Lennon fall as another grain of sand?

                           Who do you really  believe rules your precious land?
                           Why did you unwisely quit your own blessed band/?

                           Where are fallen Angel's so quickly gone and forgot?
                           Why do you allow your almighty self to be bought?

                           How can this rundown world's woes soon be end?
                           What kindest service can you offer to openly lend?

                           What's the  pointlessness of losing another brave life?
                           Why don't I just hand you over the blood-stained knife!

                          Katherine Marion

                         " Editor's Choice - Top 100 Books of 2014 - Amazon.com"


                          This afternoon, after missing one more sunlit day, in order to
                          catch up on much missed sleep - i wanted to just 'pack it in,'
                          and just 'let the chips ... fall,' where they might .. or may not.

                          Sobbing to a confidante - the only one i have at this seemingly
                          ruthless passage of time, i told him that I was "sick of trying."

                          In every area of my once so joyful, bliss-life, so damned much
                          'work' to do, mainly due to what hopeless, helpless others ..
                          have willfully chosen to undo. To much of my hearts' adieu.

                          People that i once knew .. closing their hearts are far more than
                          merely a sparsely populated .. few. Much sadder than that, i must
                          far from gleefully note. Unlike me, they have given up on hope.

                          Taking our grateful dogs out out the basement that we are living
                          in for this peaceful while, I can't help yet to give myself a smile

                          For whatever is lacking in the hearts of mere mortal men, merely
                          ruled by greed and avarice, whom have sold their bliss for lies
                          and dirty deed, I shalt promise to plant one more kindest seed.

                         Very special K


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