Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Words Cast .. Spells

When i went to school
i always won the weekly Spelling Bee
Never did i know that
words would make a life for magical me
Writing; hours per day
my all -time consummate, conscious joy
Home-schooling my Son
Prodigal Child' such a brilliant Genius Boy
Books i prolifically read
caused a light to shine brightly within me
Words touching mind
setting my sorriest, stifled spirit ever free
Passing onto blessed Kaelin
greatest, glorious Goddess-given gifts
Energy begins to move
Old beliefs and deadest energies.. shift
Positively written affirmation
better than lies; old and bitterly bitten
Negativity only cramps style
Bespeaking of only LOVE; makes my heart smile!
Katherine Marion


As inspired .. by a post on how Words do Cast Spells and to careful .. thus. 

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