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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Look Into My Eye Of LOVE





Eye of  LOVE





from high above.

Katherine Marion 


Seems like such a a long time, since I last looked your wondrous way ...

In the past two  or three days, since we last looked out over one another, I found out that my darling little cousin, Michelle, had died. Her Mom, Theresa, has lost her only daughter in this often loveless world.
I am so sorry to hear of their loss.

Interesting, for the past week, when looking upon my image in the mirror, I have continually been seeing my beautiful cousin. She has always worn her naturally blond hair, short and wavy. Practically born with a figure that any woman would envy and every man would wish to dream upon .. I realize she was one of my first mammorable role-models, at a very early age.

Here I am at 50, after not seeing Theresa or Michelle for 15 years, since Michelle and I were both pregnant and got together for Christmas at Theresa's in 1995. We compared turkey tummies and took pictures to commenerate. Next to dig up the photograph's, purchase a scanner and share our Joy ...

For 3 months later, we both gave birth to our first precious little boy!!!!

Looking back, I am sorry that life offered me so many distractions, that I was not able to keep in touch with the little cousin that slept on my couch for 6 months, when she was a little girl, with her Grandma and my wonderful Aunt Annabelle, who passed away too many years ago.

So much love to share. Even more pain to bare.

All we can do is be the kindest we know how to be.

Sending Light and Love out to you.

Blessings from magical Me.



Self portrait of Katherine, captured less than a wonderful week ago, in front of  her photographs of Kaelin.

Taken at home, wearing her made from Mother Nature lov'n makeup and ready for LOVE.

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