Saturday, October 23, 2010

Grow Your Own ...

Even my own 2 breasts

I could not get round them

to rest

It was Mothers day that month

daddy had given me his gift

a pump

My baby's mouth not in sight

on a date with lover

no luck

Booby caught up in rubber

screaming in pain

new Mother

Nipple lost to suction cup

unatural means too mean

suck up

Baby is now a healthy teen

grinding wheatgrass for Mom

green team

Boy turning into a real man

learning how to love us both


Katherine Marion


Greg bought us our new Z-Star Hand-Held Wheatgrass Press, from one of our recent foray's to

Kaelin has built up muscles, enabling his Mommy's newest wheatgrass habit.

Katherine has created one more rawsome way to cleanse her inner temple and set her magical mind at ease.

Pass the wheatgrass, please!

Growing my Own,


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