Sunday, October 10, 2010

Honoring Of LOVE

Outside the place we have lived for over 1 1/2 years

Remembering to hug, amidst all the wretched fears

Feeling the strength of my lovable growing teenager

Fearless in the light of the sun, in spite of other danger

Readying to file my dispute papers at Tenancy Branch

Slowing down to feel love, on the way to my next dance

Resolved as any single Mommy could ever hope to be

Holding onto hope, with the boy who means all to me

Shiing brilliantly as any gem could ever dream to shine

Setting my intention, for an empowering win, sublime!

Katherine Marion


This past Friday ... I decided to wear my environment-friendly mascara, mineral eyeshadow, and a hint of gloosy lip gel. Wondering what would make me feel good enough to finally file my second set of dispute papers, against the landlord and more libelous claims, made by M and R.

With 15 minutes to spare, before a friend pulled up to drive me all the way to Burnaby and back, I knew I had to change my wretchedly dismal mood, now., Knowing that a few stretches may very put me back in wondrous working order, after a mere 3 1/2 hours of restless sleep. Understanding that a bath might cause me to feel eve better .. I opted for the wisest choice ...

Laying upon my bed. Feet tossed in the air. Getting the blood flowing, as I stroked my lashes, with care. Gelling lips that are never kissed by anyone other than my loving son. Preparing to feast on my win, in front of Goddess and everyone.

Sure enough, an unbelievable line-up of disputing landlords and tenants, met with me, once we wove our way through pre-long weekend traffic. Immmediately, a few rufian males, showed their unabashed interest. Of course, I said, " I brought the bottle." Really helping to ease the tension in a government waiting room, where one guy had been waiting since 1 pm. It was now closing in on 4:00 pm. Here comes the firecracker and she is gonna light up the unsmiling face of the dreary place ...

Sure enough, an assigned task worker tells me to come over to the counter, as he raps the top, lightly with his hand. In perfect unison and with impeccable timing, I offer to do a table dance. All the girls, in the far corner, begin to laugh. A tough-looking guy in a Harley jacket begins telling me tales of Viagra, that young and old, supposedly warm to ... A heavy fellow, wearing a hard hat, comes prepared for a real fight .. and tells me that it still costs "$1,200.00 for a Sheriff to get you out."

Keep biding your good and Goddess-sent time, dear Momma K. You are as usual, sailing through all red lights ... Soon, you shall be feasting and reaping all the other-wordly rewards of  you deliciously, delightful day!


No kidding.

It has acually been close to 2 months or more .,. since I have put on any kind of makeup, whatsoever. Feeling beautiful can mean many things. Sometimes, it' s as simple as dressing myself up and enhancing what I already have ...

If you can believe it, going to fight for our tenancy is actually a social event, for me. This Supernatural Gal has just gotta have more real fun!!!

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