Friday, October 1, 2010

Let Me Be That Lighthouse In The Storm

"With the Queen, what is of the most worth ... are her words," is pretty much the message that came to me, upon waking, earlier today.

Later, I received a call from a gal who googled "healer" on the Internet and found me. We spoke for over an hour. Being held virtual hostage by her seemingly well-intentioned and severely emotionally handicapped family. Having untold personal and civil rights violated, her home taken away, and 'power of attorney' stolen by the messed up makers of mayhem, she is feeling afraid and "so alone."

Well, tonight, someone had the outright courage to reach out ... and they found a new friend!

I told M to "create a solution." And, with this "plan of action," she will make her exit from this unhealthiest family of origin, that has mis+created this drama of debilitating dysfunction , at her costly expense. Suggesting, at the same and sanest time, not to buy into this insane story; biting the far from magic bullet that she is being fed. In order to free herself from the greedy grasp of hostile hands that should only be permitted to hold and heal her.

Whatever we believe, then so shall it be!

I  sagely suggest to M, the best advocate in that thriving industry, and a reputable Psychiatrist; Dr K, whom may both be able to very possibly reverse the decision on paper, that now restrains her sweet spirit and squashes the very soul that she was born to soar with.

In the same sacred breath, these Angel wings carry M,; with the message that she must create a victoriously viable solution for herself. Utilizing that supremely magical child-like mind, to imagine the best she has ever and can feel. In order to truly fashion and flesh-out the perfect place to live in this precious healing place.

M kept asking me if this was that or that was this? And, I told her, " It doesn't matter what your brother did or why he did it?" And, so on with someone or another, including her mentally unstable mother. What matters is that you understand that your family is ill - just like the story of Francis Farmer." Letting her know that her so called loved one's think that they are doing the right thing, and will do anything to prove themselves right. Even if that means already locking her away in the psychiatric ward to rot on medication.

Many highly tuned-in psychic women that I have met, have been severely abused. Multitudes have seen, or are still seeing .. Angels. Masses have been mishandled in their formative years. Sexually abused by a trusted loved one. Often even ritualistically abused by many members of a families that profess to protect and love them. Later developing pathologies that became listened-to laells that limit them in their own Goddess-given capacity to govern themselves, accordingly.

Tonight, I 'lost' one more gym work-out, because I helped another. My body and mind certainly will not fall apart overnight, due to an absence in the weight room and sauna. What has happened is that I have supported another candle in the dark of a dying old world, to find light and insight, where once reigned fright and insult.

I shall continue listening to my dreams and being the voice that allows others to free themselves from the nasty nets of oppression, depression and suppression.

All that are condemned, need to be comforted.

Let me be that lighthouse in the storm.

Owning my Power,



I captured this captivating vision ... just outside my bedroom window, where we now live.


Oh, and of course, I consciously counselled M; " Be sure and thank your blessed family for this multi-million dollar film script that is going to set you right back on your feet!"

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