Monday, October 25, 2010

Soulful Sanctuary

Soulful sanctuary

 place of personal peace

Soulfu sancturay

 loving family at ease

Soulful sanctuary

fall lingers upon trees

Soulful sanctuary

picture window, please

Soulful sanctuary

drops God to his knees

Soulful sanctuary

Harmony, if you please

Soulful sanctuary

natural light to tease

Soulful sanctuary

soaring spirit to seize

Soulful sanctuary

free space to breathe

Soulful sanctuary

tapestry love leaves.

Katherine Marion


This is how I am able to manage the life I am given.

Creating a haven within one's home is essential. A place of personal worhip. Solitude. Serenity. Bliss in the magical making ...

I captured the lovely light of our living room, a few divine days ago. Before the torrential fall showers, began. And, after morning had set her sweet self, forth ..

Felt it only fair to share some of the sweetness I have learned to beckon into my wondrous world.

See you, soon. In your own personal heaven, that you are already creating on this most conscious plane.



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