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Monday, October 11, 2010

Boy Beside Me

Boy beside me

magical are thee

Boy beside me

set my heart free

Boy beside me

Goddess truly be

Boy beside me

God be only HE

Boy beside me

open eyes to see

Boy beside me

upon bent knee

Boy beside me

mine - gratefully!

Katherine Marion


Earlier this enchanted eve, Kaelin moved the living room furniture around. So moving was the energetic shift, that I decided to shoot myself!

Magical wand of enviro-healthy mascara, rolled on by the light of natural day. Soon after, into the soon to be haunted hallway, I did glamorously sashay ...

Looking into the eye of LOVE.

There he is. Moment that I did forever capure ...

That was when he was around 3.

Today, at 50 - this is me.

Always - together.

Happy Thanksgiving!


1 comment:

  1. I was homeschooled for a brief time, of my own choice. I hated it. I never had friends. I felt smother by my mother. I didn't dare tell her though, because of what she might think.

    I had to stop. I felt stifled. So did the other kids I knew who were homeschooled. I didn't want just my mom all the time. I wanted time away to blossom.

    You can't grow a beautiful flower under a rock.