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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thanksgiving Tuesday - Off To Tenancy Branch

 Thanksgiving Tuesday

Wonderful in every way

Found a dead, grey mouse

In front of our rental house

Ministry worker drove me

All the way to Burnaby

Papers for landlord to read

In a win I am sure to receive

Fighting for our very home

This place we call our own

Mother and son's legal affair

Try though they may to scare

We both have a legitimate right

My family will put up a fight

Nobody can bully us to move

Only an arbitrator need approve

We won our very first round

Now to hold our own ground

Even if there is a rodent on it

Stand up where others do s_it!

Katherine Marion


Must be an omen find a dead mouse in front of your house.

Especially when a government paid official puts her foot down ... literally upon it!

After a mere 4 1/2 hrs of tormented sleep, this is how my fascinating day, begins to unfold ...

Throwing a few hundred Agora Paper's into the supportive social workers trunk, to later deliver around the False Creek and Cambie Street side of town, before I hit Whole Foods for a few organic items.

We must all make the most of every moment that momentously comes our magical way.

For, you never know what is next ..

After all, just take a look at the mouse.



Goes to show you that it never pays to keep your eyes continually fixed on 'the cheese!'


Our supportive social worker, snapped this loving picture of K2, just before Momma K took one more stand to empower herself and her glowing, growing teenager.

Kaelin took the above ... study in anatomy. Great homeschooling fodder!

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