Saturday, October 9, 2010

Take Note; All Aging Goddess'

Sweet Susan,

My pleasure, sweetest sis.

We all feel that way. Quite often, sadly. I do not know about you ... but most of  women, especially we - Mom's, do not have enough time to spend on ourselves.

This does not help ...

Silence. Sanctuary. Just us. Alone and with our peace.

Especially, this single, homeschooling Mommy, who's own mom died 3 years ago, soon after - her handsome prince  had a nerveous breakdown  and she had to let him go ,,, Three years later, that first guy, the delinquent daddy, is returning back to Vancouver.

 Simply, a bit of my story ...

Looks to be like you have a heck of a lot of suport. Which is more than many.

Especially this not always purring Kat.

We all have different paths along lifes winding way. Glad I know what mine is. Bitter though the battle may too often, seem.

Your face is lovely.

Lifestyle - drinking and eating ,... sleep, rest, peace of mind or not .. Denial, addictions .. all play into how dull or clear our crystal becomes.

How honest are we with ourselves?

What do we really need to work on, for Us?

The biggest 'Ager' is not being happy with ourselves. Low self esteem or lowered self worth,. Believing we are somehow, not worthy or inadequate.

Lots of emotional work to do on this physical plane.

You know when you feel beautiful. This is when you truly shine.

This goes for all of us!

Aging can be tough stuff. Especially for thus of us who have been adored and glorified. Such as you and I.

Tougher than on a plain Jane, who never really received a lot of attention, to begin with.

A lot easier to deal with ...

So many false expectations. Especially our own.
Sadly, this unconscious culture does not glorify aging and wisdom. Youth and Beauty, at whatever the cost, are what counts.

To most ..

Aren't you glad you are the exception!

Much love , beautiful girl and glowing Goddess.



Katherine Marion


Susan and I first became fast friends, over 30 years ago - if you can believe that!

A gorgeous lovely girl, is how I still see her ..

She wrote me a message and briefly wrote about insecurities that we all face .. as we age.

Inspired, I felt it only fair to share.



Now, who do you think this smiling, superntural beauty is?

My afternoon, recently spent, at the local beauty salon.  2 hrs under a hot dryer and caked in henna, up to the un-touched roots of my strawberry blond locks.

Well, I spent 3 more hours, wearing a pretty plastic bag over my head  ... all the way home - even to the organic grocer, on a Thursday evening. Later, find out, much to my chagrin, that my first-ever natural Henna did not hold ...

Well, this picture is worth a million words .. not spoken or wrtten, please.

And, I have the best conditiioned hair, that smells sweetly of marigold and chamomile flowers.

Half-baked and un-shakeuable,


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