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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lightening Up

Took my never dyed Goddess-gold locks

to the local hairdresser on Granville

to give myself a supernatural thrill.

Never in my 50 years have I ever done

what I chose to so wisely do, today

in giving myself freedom to play.

This is an image of me before Henna

and the hold she now has over me

with a future picture you shall see.

Marigold and Chamomile are mine

friends that shall light up my hair

making it dance is what of I do care!

Katherine Marion


Oh, I had so much fun at Amy's Salon, on upper S. Granville!

Better get my own reality t.v. show .. all a-glow.

For, before you know, all those other woman just wanting to feel their best, by looking a little bit better .. in the light of a new, self-honoring day, just may, be watching ...

Why wait to be your own best?

Take it to the test.

After all, it only took me 3 months to take the natural,organic dried flowers of chamomile and marigold, over to a hairdresser that I had never met. Feeling that this was the right woman and the rightest time, I went for it.

Besides, I know that my self-esteem is in for more than a minor adjustment, at this pivotal point in my life.

And, if lightening my hair, to it's own real color, is the biggest thing I do in one day of many seasons .. then, so be it.

Everytime we do what makes us happy, we make the world a brighter place to truly live within  and smile our even more wondrous way, brightly, through ...!!!

Now, how about you?

What is it that you would like to do?

Here,s to simply allowing  one more tiny, teensy dream of yours and mine, to shine true ...



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