Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Morning After ... "Rentalsman."

Listening to the loveliiest voice ... Sarah McLuaghlin, singing, "In this Silence ... I believe .."


After a long day, with a mere 3 1/2 hrs sleep under my brazen belt, I finally made it to Tenancy Branch!

Now, I sit silently, after stretching into relaxation, as my ever-rising son, peacefully sleeps.

Something I must soon remember how to  wisely do more of ...

This p;ic of Kaelin and I was taken, before I jumped in a supportive friend's fancy, black car, to be driven to a very full house of disputing landlords and tenants, on a Friday afternoon. Merely, to be thoughtfully warned that  I probably would not be able to file my dispute application, before closing time.

I knew better ..

The Goddess' are always with me. Especially when I am grounded, on focus and maintain maximum positivity.

An amazing day, with a series of synergistic scenarious playing themselves out. With me, as silent witness.

Must have been the "Good Hair."

What else could it be?

Katherine Marion


As you can well see, Kaelin is now as tall as his beloved Mommy,  and can easily lift me up and cart me around ... So, he does!


I am.


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