Sunday, October 3, 2010

Never Mix Your Nuts

Never mix your nuts

cause life is

all about trusting guts

Never throw ice onto fire

cause life is

balancing on a tight-wire

Never throw your baby away

cause life is

re-cycled bath water, everyday

Never toss your baked cookes

cause life is

raw, real, and not just for junkies

Never hurl stones at glass houses

cause life is

filled with dirty rats and mouses

Never pick your nose in public

cause life is

much more enjoyable, going pubic

Never hold your breath, too long

cause life is

hard to sing. once you miss the song

Never cling to the past, today

cause life is

sometimes not willing to stay

Never do everything you dare

cause life is

far more than  just a casual affair

Never burp before you fart

cause life is

sometimes fun when your a tart

Never excuse yourself, too often

cause life is

empty, when self worth is rotten

Never blame another for your own

cause life is

sometimes picking at your bone

Never hunt him because he hurt you

cause life is

not waiting  to label you a "shrew"

Never attack her for her woeful sins

cause life is

full of two-faced, double chins

Never lie to deceive any other

cause life is

dressing you up, to serve to Mother

Never think for too long at one time

cause life is

not fully realized until you hit, "Sublime."

Never feel you are not lovable as any

cause life is

teaching you to value a very pretty penny

Never touch that part ...way downnnn there

cause life is

tearing the cloth to lay every thread bare

Never holler for fresh rolls at the table

cause life is

more fun when we admit we're not stable

Never forget to wash your dirty hands

cause life is

endless waves crashing upon dried sands

Never allow yourself a second of remorse

cause life is

to be engaged in full-fledged intercourse

Never allow outside influence to deter

cause life is

simply to enjoy that which you so prefer.

Katherine Marion


Where does it come from?

Once we tap into our eternal and infinite source ...

Inspired AM I,



How much fun is it to run away from it all, and create our own reality?

Must be what I am doing and being, right now.


Another Bryan Ward  photo of moi.



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