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Friday, October 1, 2010

I AM Kindness

I count blessings

Not grudges

Led by Angels

Never Judges

I Am Light

Not darkness

Ruled by LOVE

Never less

I hold goodness

Not pain

Following happiness

Never insane

I am compassion

Not rage

I honor myself

Never engage

I am kind

Not cruel

Embracing heart

Never the fool

I am trusting

not dis-ease

Remembering Truth

Never to please

I am power

not powerless

Owning mine

Never duress

I am kindness

not mean

Jubilant with Joy

Never to stop my dream!!!!

Katherine Marion


Alright, I am going to tell you something worth believing ...

I KNOW with my highest functioning self, that everything in my life that is occuring, is for the best interest of my son and I.

No one ever showed me how to scream out for help.

I learned to look after others who were not able to support me.

These sisters and brothers, aunt's and uncles, and daddy and mother, I  shall forever love, for an eternity.

Even the poems that I wrote, in streams of cosnciousness, at a wise and early age, showed me the way of no earthly sage ...

Thus, I continue to trust whole-heartedly in this highest power that governs me as far as my all-seeing 3rd eye can see.

Mapping out my destiny!




Now, I AM able to soundly sleep.

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