Sunday, October 3, 2010

Kiss My Butt

Kiss my bare-naked butt

Who do you think you are?

King Tut.

Kiss my bare-naked butt

What do you think I am?

Your personal slut!

Kiss my bare-naked butt

What caused you to become

so corrupt?

Kiss my bare-naked butt

Where do you feel I live?

You nut.

Kiss my bare-naked butt

Why should I reveal all?

It's your rut.

Kiss my bare-naked butt

When will you open

your jaded mind up?

Kiss my bare-naked butt

How may any man  breathe

until my final cut?

Katherine Marion


So, is a Supernatural Woman suipposed to simply grin and bear it? Romp around., fully clothed, in the wondrous woods of life? Smiling into the glinting eye of the griining wolf?

Wearing no makeup.Carrying no amo. Totally unarmed. Vulnerable.

Are most male creatures able to relate, let alone respond accordingly ... to a fully functiioning female, coming at them, full tilt? Forget about feeding her bullshit without balls. EAT HER ... TRUTH.


This pic that I assurely assume that you are enjoying .. Captured by Bryan Ward -

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