Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Wonders of Wheatgrass

The wonders of wheatgrass

do surpass

Green Goddess expectations

timely libations

Supernatural sensations

conscious creations.

The wonders of wheatgrass

body to ask

Mother Nature's real craft

maiden's laughed

God's sin surpassed

healing elixer, please pass!

Katherine Marion


Day 7 to Heaven ...

It's been a week, going strong. Two trays - since gone. Even my homeschooling teen, drinks along.

Cleansing. Purifying. Detoxification.

Clean. Green. Enzmatically alive. Living foods revved up by my new Z-Star Hand-Held Juicer.

Kaelin serves up a mighty fine daily dose of CHROLYPHLL,  satisfying our bodily needs and cleansing our systems on a consciousness-raising cellular level.

Inward Bound,


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