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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Grape Escape

Grape escape

can be any day

concorde grapes

pluck as you may

Grape escape

end of September

concorde grapes

juicily to remember

Grape escape

highest chakra color

concord grapes

make this pussy purr

Grape escape

purple as passion

concord grapes

Fall into fashion!!!

Katherine Marion


I plucked these pretties, earlier today. Okay, I forgot it was actually October, if you can believe that!

We went out, this morn, to deliver a few hundred Agora papers, around our nice, little neighborhood.

Afterwards, we picked breakfast.

There would be no hungry people, even in Vancouver, if all knew that they were free to pick and pluck, as they wander .. Most often, needlessly, along life's seemingly, at times, loveless way.

People give too much credit to too many and not enough to a small number.

What if the masses figured out that a single mom could just as easily be rooting through garbage cans. And, yet, she is wise and clever enough to know that there are plenty of gardens growing and grapes dropping  ... to do some supernatural popping into her own mouth. And, that of her blessed child.

Funny, how looks can be such a distraction.


If I was not dressed in my daily regalia - Lululemon to the sexy hilt, what would people say ...? It is so much easier to drop into a local garden to nab a few enzymaticall-alive grapes, than if I were poorly dressed, to knock at the door and be seen as 'the needy.'

Life is such as game. Only if you allow yourself to play it!

Then, it might as well be yours ...

Game, i mean.



Game for fresh grapes, anyone?

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