Saturday, February 20, 2010

Love Is All That Matters

An open heart is an invitation for love

I opened up mine

out of me, popped an Angel from above!

Wasn't such an easy feat for me to do

I had to believe

allow a wingless wonder to come through

Eight pregnancies before I had known

I must keep this one

 miraculously I was somehow shown

Rapes and cervical cancer were my past

I loved his Dad

all I had to do was the universe to ask

Daddy did not want a child at that time

I chose wisely

fearful warnings about those eggs of mine

Grandma loves him as official first grandson

I phone her

enjoying hearing old lady speak to blessed one

Auntie's appreciate his quiet nature as seen

I adore him

for he knows where we both have been

Our life's path has been like no worldly other

I held on

seeing him returned safely to this soul mother

Stolen away at the tender age of wee eight

I cried ever so

eight traumatic months I did patiently wait

Apprehended to a gay male foster home

I almost died

many deaths for innocence once known

Targeted by both family and community

I do forgive

ignorance with compassion and not pity

Let down by the wounded world around me

I  keep loving

the brightest white light I fearlessly set free!

Katherine Marion


True LOVE offers many gifts; one of which is Courage.

 Go for the Gold!


I snapped this candle-lit picture of my shining son, Kaelin and I, this enchanted evening, before we sat down to 30 honey beeswax candles and a LIGHT dinner.

Please enjoy one more precious image of my beautiful boy and his "Amazing Mommy" whom shall forever hold gratitude in her happy heart.

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