Thursday, February 25, 2010

Making Friends With Dirty Old Men

Along lifes winding way

I have I met a dirty old man

or two, or three

with generous words to say

to me

Upon awakening, yesterday

I spoke to an aging male fan


with generous words to say

to me

Upon retiring, this new day

I remember a pal who sees who I am


with generous words to say

to me

Tomorrow, each moment a new ray

offering reminders of all that can


with generous words to say

mirror within me ...

Katherine Marion


Such as the busty, blond bombshell that I am commonly and most  unconsciously perceived as ... I have been allowed more than a glimmer of a glimpse inside the overflowing fantasies of many a male and female.

Yesterday, I received a welcome call from a lonely older male whom I so gratefully initiated making friends with, well close to a couple of years ago. Very grateful to have him share his latest sentiments: "I love you, Katherine", my life has been made better.

Aware that my old freind is aging rapidly, and has duly informed me that he can no longer get or maintain an erection; thus, his desire for sex and unfilled fantasies dwindles and no longer holds the alure it once did for him, I somehow feel safer and saner in this often insane world.

Knowing that every man can be a 'dirty old man' and every woman has the same impure potential to keep the craziest notions inside of her, I allow myself to see my good friend in the clearest light.

Believing in the honesty of holiness and true beauty that resides within the souls of all, keeps me alive in my continually renewed and braver understanding of myself and every bold and brave being I so sweetly encounter and open myself, in the most compassionate way, unto ...

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