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Saturday, February 27, 2010

All Dressed Up and Someplace To Go ...

I have been awake almost all night; watching 3 wonderfully heart-warming comedies. With enough shared joy and  laughter to lift even the wearest spirits; dolled up and ready to visit Safeway at Oakridge mall, to purchase fresh organi carrots, Gala apples, and  joyfully receive the kindest surprise of fresh multi-hued roses from my thoughftul son who has just borrowed money to buy a gift for his grateful Mommy.

Greg has driven his newly purchased, pretty red truck into town, to find the perfect parking spot outside our two storey walk-up. Sleep deprived Momma and beautiful boy, sorely in need of a new pair of jeans and a runners;  are being treated to a visit to Zellers, to find it has closed early. Always eager to lose ourselves in the local video store, we find 4 movies to spend hours of complete mindlessness over. Glad to see our treasured friend who accepts us for who we are and escapes the confines of his own life to enjoy some time in ours. All is well in a world we must all choose to make our magical own.

So excited am I to simply be taken out and showered with a few gifts. No wonder I have been plucking my hair for 1 3/4 years, not that I have been counting - hairs or maddening months. I have felt so alone, raising my wonderful boy, as he grows into a real man. Growing pains for both of us .. set within the far from wondrous frame-work of a pained world that forgets to reach out and touch another with human kindness and unconditional love. It takes to little to give so much.

I look upon my face and I feel as if I have had the longest and most leisurely sleep, rather than the very few morning hours of rest I managed to muster. Happy to relax. Knowing that thanks to Greg's generosity, I have the remainder of the rent and don't have to even consider 'lowering the bar,' in terms of bringing in much needed monies, all too many of us, often-times, sell our saddened souls for. As of now, I am feeling myself to be a woman of endless  means; who has the whole world beckoning to her  ... Anything is possible when we allow another to bandage a wound or allow a simple gesture that can heal a million unhappy lifetimes and bring in one more beautiful lifeline!

Katherine Marion

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