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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pre-Valentines Day Feast with Greg &

It was Greg's  thoughtful treat to deliver us unto and pick up the most rapturously rawsome order of vegan, raw gourmet goodies a Goddess and her enchanted child could gratefully gorge on ...  An organically orgasmic pleasure to purify our blessed selves with sumptuousness of the holiest and wholesome sort.

Freshly prepared hand-rolled nori rolls, filled with sumptuously seasoned cashew cheese and divinely drizzled with Namu Shoya. Tortilla soup, flooded with assorted veggies and topped with spicy, dehydrated flax crackers. Sprouted almonds to live for ... And, mini pizza squares topped with dreamy creamy nut cheese, good enough to magically melt in a Goddess' grateful mouth.

Practically fighting over one more favoured feast of the senses, my salivating son and I gratefully unite as we dig deeply into the deliciousness a life spent sharing healing food and happiness can so beautifully bring forth. Smiling deep inside the most delious parts of our purest selves, we give gratitude to our friend Greg for sharing much needed finances, delectable divinites and the space for friends and 'old' lovers to re-unite in the most flavorful and full-hearted fashion!

Katherine Marion

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