Thursday, February 18, 2010

Raising A Real Man In An Unreal World

Take a good look ... This is the man of my many dreams unrealized. Nowadays, you gotta grow your own. It takes a supernatural woman to raise a boy into
becoming a real man in an unreal world.

Take a good look ... Are you really the person you would want to spend time with? The only individual that can truly  guide a child is the chosen one whom is most able to look after their most sacred self.

Take a good look ... Yes, his hair is a little longer than the norm in an unconscioius world that considers the human condition more important than being haappy and  humane.

Take a good look ... No, home-schooling is not taught at home. Success in life is based on who has the finest critical skills. Not who has more marbles in their bag than their own head.

Take a good look ... I made a conscious choice to never feed my shining son meat, dairy or wheat. An organic, raw, vegan lifestyle is not for everyone. Yet, look at his glowing skin and positive attitude.

Take a good look ... Love is never what you pay or ache for. Often what you never knew was missing, shows up just at the right time. Even though more told you you couldn't, than could.  

Take a good look ... Pain is always part of growth. The only way to avoid speed bumps is to live in a vacuum and slowly suffocate from your own bad breath. Life is to be lived and loved.

Take a good look ... Puberty is a maddening malady most males never recover from. And, many mothers go mad over. Ask mine, his and your's. Sometime, we need to grow up. Just not now.

Take a good look ... Focus on what brings a smile to everyones face. Let others worry. Just relax or you will never be able to begin raising the two of you to the heights of happiness we all deserve.

Take a good look ... Encourage the child within and the beautiful being you brought into this vast and lonely plane will bring you more pleasure than the pain you once brought upon yourself.

Take a good look ... Forgive the fearful part that lashed out instead of reaching inside. Hold the loving hand and the heart that still grows inside of magical  you. Let go of all else that does not matter.

Take a good look ... Give gratitude for every ounce of inner strength it takes to love the both of beautiful you. Thank yoursef for the Goddess you are and the God you are miraculously growing from the inside out ...!

Katherine Marion

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