Saturday, February 20, 2010


Simply statuesque has turned into 10 feet tall

Stunninly gorgeous has finally  left the ball

All alone to face the music without her shoes

Waiting for no prince leaves nothing left to lose

All the breast with nary a lacy push-up brassiere

Legs to caress and not even a hand over here

Dancing to the music of her own heartbeat

Admiring males drop upon her lavender scented feet

Golden flame of hair set against a midnite moon

Goddess grabbing onto proffered silver spoon 

Leaving the party before its even begun 

All these songs she has already swayed to and sung 

Brightest ray of light this world will ever hope to see

Feminine energy allowing spirit to be set free

Merely beginning her journey upon this earthly plane

Wildest wise woman no man or world shall ever tame!

Katherine Marion


Lately  and for the longest and loneliest while, I have been reflecting on who I AM and whom of my many selves, I hope to even better and more brightly become ....

Must be why it is so synergistic that my shining son should take this double exposure image of me, the other night when we were out walking under a million un-named stars and a magical moon to brighten up any new path, before unlit.

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