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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Woman Of Instinct

A Woman Of Instinct

does not do what others think

to be the right thing to do

A Woman Of Instinct

to her own self brave and true

forever transforming anew

A Woman Of Instinct

listens to her inner voice

above all earthly noise

A Woman Of Instinct

hears her truth clearly

Cherish Goddess dearly.

A Woman Of Instinct

follows her passions

ahead of all fashions

A Woman Of Instinct

leads the path for others

guiding sister and brothers

A  Woman Of Instinct

rises above earthly demise

embracing her own cries

A Woman Of Instinct

cares not for accolades

or when beauty fades

A Woman Of Instinct

sets her standards high

more room to fly ....

Katherine Marion


Last nite,  a 'friend' with control issues and a secret drinking problem, yelled at me, after I kindly told  him I only wanted compassion and needed no solution to be found by him or anyone else; concerning a temporary concern and not a long term goal.

He called me back on my cellular, after I left his home, where he had stubbornly refused to do a simple kindness for me. I was hoping he may be calling to simply apologize, in spite of his oversized ego, in happiness' way. Of course, I sadly knew better ...

So, I hung up on him, after I allowed him to firmly know: 'You do not yell at me. Thank you." He did not have the courage to call back.

Next, I swore into the wind and wished I had an axe to cut down a tree. Hardly believing that one more misbegotten male, sadly misrepresenting the wonders of womanhood, still deludes himself into stupidly believing that woman are put on the scarred face of this emptying earth, to cater to his vaste wasteland of insecurities; even though un-civilization has supposedly evolved ... into the 21st century. Yet, mostly that life on this physical plane is all too often fraught with uneccesary emotional pain.

Hurting and temporarily desolately unhappy, I did what I had to do, as I breathed deeply the clean, fresh air of an early spring; slowly my dying soul cautiosly crawling  back up from inside my swollen hurt self, to soar and sweetly sing ...


One more self portraiture captured a couple of weeks or go, as I was laying upon my purple pillow, feeling safe and secure. Owning my womanly powers and knowing all is as well and wonderful world as I allow it to so beautifully and boldly BE!


  1. Most Men of instinct
    do not have a clue
    what is the right thing to do

    A Man of instinct
    to himself is brave and true
    forever transforming anew

    A Man of instinct
    listens to his inner voice
    which most often says "fuck her now"

    A Man of instinct
    feels the moment clearly
    and cherishes the Goddess dearly

    A Man of instinct
    follows his passions
    and expresses them in all fashions

    A Man of instinct
    blazes a path for himself
    hoping it may be useful for more than an elf

    A Man of instinct
    knows deeply of his impending demise
    and expresses freely his pain and surprise

    A Man of instinct
    cares not for power, money and pride
    and when age comes he does not hide

    A Man of instinct
    sets his standards high
    and does not miss a woman of worth
    when she passes by

    A Man of instinct
    knows it is true
    what you do unto others is done unto you

    A Man of instinct
    knows that he has two heads
    one will take you to heaven
    the other to bed

    A Man of instinct knows
    if you combine the both
    it will shiver you down to your toes

    A Man of instinct
    follows his bliss
    how often that is simple as a kiss

    A Man of instinct
    feels his own lust
    but know it isn't a must

    A Man of instinct
    sees in the moment
    what is real and true
    maybe he sees the Goddess in you

  2. Dearest John,

    Goddess-sent gratitude for trusting your manly instincts and adding a wee and wondrous bite of beautifully healing humor - at the same and sanest time.

    Thanks for your conscious contributions.

    Accepting Divine Devotions,