Friday, February 12, 2010

Living Spontaneously

The face I wear is not always the one I once thought. Lately my moves have been too far and few. I seem to have found some sort of safety. Yet, mostly,feeling resolutely sad, of lately. Very bitter pill to swallow. No wonder I am feeling so damn hollow.

Time to jump of the proverbial high-diving board. Fall way, way, way, overboard. Overwhelm the patron and the saint. Certainly not a decision for the faint ...Of heart, I have much. Yet, it is my wild, carefree spontaneity that I really need to touch!

Hold my self in my arms and let go ... Feel the wondrous wind and let her blow. Skirts to the four winds and sails at the bottom of the swollen seas. Walk the ganplank on bruised and broken knees. Feel the water beat me down. Yesterday's hero, to bravely drown ....

Smile as I touch the glistening edge. Far from shore and passerby. Merely more clouds in an overcast sky. Yet, I know that befoe I die, I will have never have let life pass me by. For I am the only one whom unto me can give. Guess I'll just have to wade awhile .. To live!
Katherine Marion
On our walk to the gym, the sun briefly makes his mid-morning appearance. Brightening a seemingly endless overcast sky and my demeanor. Practically jumping for joy at the prospect of taking off my fancy rasperry-colored lululemon jacket that has kept me safe within its cocoon, for months, I shed my layers and let go ...

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