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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


If one does happen to awaken at 2

what's a poor, tired soul to do?

Trim the pubes and wash the pits

dry-brush the skin and not the tits

Polish the teeth and looking glass

tighten the muscles of the wee ass

Scrub the hardwood with tea tree

get down and dirty on one knee

Cleanse the GI with lemon juice

Himalayan crytals not to refuse

Burn a hand-rolled Jin stick

a time-told energyzing trick

Honey beeswax candles lit

negative ions, positivity emit

Writing daily affirmations

healing yogic Sun Salutations

Cutting stems of fresh Lilies

Gaia's naturally scented breeze

Juicing pink lady and parsley

detoxifying; Supernaturally

Honor mine blessed home

PEACE be thine very own!

Katherine Marion


I love the part about the pubes, don't you?

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