Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Love Your Life!

This morn, I awaken to song birds singing outside our windows. Last night, after watching the transcendant story:"Snow Walker", a visually stunning adaption of Farley Mowat's book: "Walk Well My Brother", and the divinely delightful french film: "Le Renad Et Le Enfant" (The Fox & The Child), we fell soundly asleep, in front of the faux fireplace, as warm and cozy as unborn babies kept safely wrapped within their womb of love.

Upon arising, I notice the lovely light bouncing off the armoire that I purchased for my enchanted child and his wonderful works of art. Colorfully crayoned-in, on the shiny, mirrored surface I am now able to read for the first time, the positively precious affirmation that has been so thoughtfully painted, just for me. One more gift from my beloved boy; Kaelin's designer hand-painted ode to peace and loving, beginning within the sacred space of our happy home.

I write this overflowing note of gratitude to an infinite universe that delivers exactly what we need, in a manner we are able to understand and clearly see. As my sweet son prepares organic carrot, beet, parsley, celery, garlic and ginger juice for his magical Mommy and her close to anemic bleeding self, I offer my deepest appreciation for my peaceful day and the mindful manner in which it so wondersouly began.

Lately, I have been feeling so out of sorts. Turning my night-owl hours, completely around on their heavy head, thereby getting my circadium rhythm back in dutiful sync. Along the winding way, I have been feeling so very alone and beaten down by outside forces, that I am truly aware have no real power over me. Yet, I have been giving myself a lot of 'pressure to preform', therefore losing a lot of beautiful Goddess-sent energy that only serves me to consciously conserve and purely protect.

Reminded of all that Kaelin has learned from his "Amazing Mommy", I give myself credit for the role model I have become and the peaceful warrior I am raising with divine devotion and dutiful deligence to every delicate detail of our blessed and blossoming being. My less heavy heart does smile in memory of this morn's suprise .. as witnessed by mine ever opening eyes, as viewed upon the timeless tapestry of this achingly beautful world, where I walk in wretched wonder, knowing everything as is as it should be!

Love Your Life.


Katherine Marion

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