Thursday, February 25, 2010

World Of Innocence

World of Innocence

where have you gone?

World of Innocence

I still hear your song

World of Innocence

no right or wrong

World of Innocence

for you, I still long ...

World of Innocence

where I belong!

Katherine Marion


I awoke today, after staying up all night with my son, watching 3 wonderful comedies, in a row ... thanks to Greg's  belated Xmas gift of a gorgeous 40' big screen Samsung LCD.

I decided to lay naked in the sun, after having a dreadful nightmare; with Ellet Atkin ( a friend before facebook  - ) laying asleep in her bed and a SWAT team outside her windows, waiting downstairs, to shoot us dead.

I could see from our upstairs window that we were surrounded and I knew that we were not going to be allowed to get out of this alive. Somehow,  I had to get a message out via telephone  ... Even if that meant somehow recording the ambush and the lies, to somedy be played for posterity. Revealing what needed to be heard and 'seen', so others may learn and live from our uneccesary experience.

Just goes to show you ... do not eat before bed!

Yet, mostly; listen to your dreams. Recorded are the divine details that disturb you outer life if not taken care of and put in timely place.

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