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Friday, February 26, 2010

How We Can Help Our Sons

I never want to teach my son to live a lie

Yet, what I have often done ... just to get by

I never want my son to forget his dream

Yet, I have forgotton mine, it would seem

I never want my son to leave that joy of his

Yet, I have somehow strayed from my bliss

I never want my son to ever settle for less

Yet, I have found myself in virtual un-dress

I never want my son to do what is not right

Yet, it was the dark that brought out my light

I never want my son to be hurt by anyone else

So, guess I can only help by helping myself!

Katherine Marion


Before my 13 year young homelearner got out of bed, with a sore throat, after puking a couple of days earlier, after a tough sling-out between the usually inordinately loving two of us.

I wrote the above words, in my home journal.

Since then, he has shared his raw chocolate bar  ( every single bite of yumminess ) with grateful me , prepared carrot/beet and wicked garlicy juice for Mom and Son, and created 2 super natural  servings of warm miso soup, stirred with extra cayenne pepper, into bowls stuffed with heaping mounds of kelp noodles and sliced green onions to live for!

Pays to write out your woes, under a forgiving sun, and look forward to bringing out the best in your forever little boy .. by being the biggest girl you can only afford to so boldly and beautifully be!


Please discover more of your own magical love as viewed through the looking glass we hold up ...

Like they say, " It's simple. But, never easy." Good thing, a brave few of us are strong enough to rise to the constant challenge!

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