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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cherry Blossoms In February

What is it about Cherry Blossoms, coming to life ...  that lights up my sacred  heart chakra? Igniting forgotten senses and playing with your deepest emotions; in the sweetest and most enticing manner. A fluffy, ruby-pink banner, pronouncing to the hungriest world; that one at a tender time, we all need truly care. Wearing splendid joy on the outside, for all to humbly share.

My neighboring Chinese compatriots celebrate Cherry Blossom season with magical music, precious poetry and photography contest's. One almighty and most prosperous tree; duly honored for true elegance and beauty. Sending sprigs of hope to a world that needs her so. Delicate flowers interlaced with Mother Nature; in all her consummate love. Crowing glory; nestling high, up above.

Slim, sublimely crafted branches, once bare; intertwined with fruits newborn. Firm roots; dug deep and strong. Giving gifts to all whom see and touch. Fragrant flowers; sending forth flowing energy, ever much. Bold and bright, she speaks to all. As near and dear as she is to me; still enrapturing many. Holding close ... beloved  blossoming bloom, I pray for her enchanting fragrance to forever stay, upon this blessed noon!

Katherine Marion


As deftly as a scampering squirrel, my shining son, hoisted himself up the Cherry Tree. Hanging by a boyish smile, youth took a devilish dive and stayed for a bewitching while ...

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