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Friday, February 26, 2010

Single Mothers Know Best

Do you know how many children are taken from their nest

teaching our own that it is not their mothers whom know best?

Do you know that Vancouver lawyers on legal - aid are paid

big dollars to bring welfare moms into court; so very afraid?

Do you know that delinquent Daddy can have his X's child taken

cowardly anonymous slander left with MCFD; fear to awaken?

Do you know a crazed citizen can complain over and over, again

leaving one more accused Mother with a life of unrequited pain?

Do you know that most families may never recover their freedom

 clinging to one another as they are chased and remain on the run?

Do you know that nightmares do not leave if your child comes back

to a space never the same and insane heads filled with others crap?

Do you know that when a child is separated from his own Mom

the one you are hurting most is the heart of that innocent one?

Do you know that no one should ever leave the womb until ready

to walk away on their own two feet; planted firm and ever steady?

Do you know that there is a cess-pool ministry workers fish from

harvesting young flesh; tendering legal cash to launder and  run?

Do you know that single mothers are the growing top of the heap

simply because they are easy targets; gag-ordered not to speak?

Do you know that you make yourself vulnerable when you love

enough to bring in a government that fears you enough to shove?

Do you know that I personally know 4 of us who have lost a son

one taken at the age of 2, for 4 years; until in court, she finally won

Do you know many women never live to see their child returned

to a home forgotten and trust between mother and son un-learned

Do you know that lies are the unethical code of  conduct permitted

when stealing young hearts away; heartless sins legally committed?

Do you know that millions are made when profesionals are hired

in the apprehension of innocence  that need never have expired?

Do you know that fear lives inside of those offered broken homes

smiles stripped from fearful faces; merely skin hanging from bones?

Do you know I am putting together a class action suit for closure

on a sordid B.C. money scam that sorely needs some media exposure?

Do you know that I have learned to  kiss bureacratic pimply ass

take down half my webite as ordered; steaming hot potato to pass

Do you know that you can learn from injustice and hold tight

remembering that it is his life and your job to continue to fight!

Do you know that I try and pretend peace and quiet will fix it all

aware that the monster that feeds inside is growing big and tall?

Do you know that I have been shown how powerful I truly am

only going to prove that in winning this worldly war; I CAN!

Katherine Marion


Dear Jeanne,

I wrote this for you!


Yes, I shall pull out my old and battered copy of Clarissa Picolla-Estes: "Women Who Run With The Wolves", that my son and I used to once upon a fairy-tale time, read before blessed bed.

Re-capturing the Wild Woman who has been stuck down by her unconscious community and countless jealous many ...  who are nothing they need to be for themselves.

Even more reason to be 'there' for me and mine!

1 comment:

  1. Fiat justitia, ruat coelum.
    "Let justice be done, though the heavens fall."
    Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe.
    Mother is a very sacred position, it is not a position where a very patriarchal court system puts his foot on her throat forcing her to let go of her sacred duty...