Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Stretching Into The Sublime

This afternoon, I dry-brush by naked body, under the healing rays of a sun that forever shines. With windows wide-open, sunshine floods the room and my world. Filling up my heart and lighting my surroundings with warmth and newfound wonder.

Sitting for hours, under the attentive gaze of of one of Gaia's hottest and most heated God's, I am beautifully aware of only bliss. Nothing outside of me exists except for what I perceive it to be. Blessed in my Goddess-sent glory, I give rapturous thanks for all I am and what has been so abundantly given.

Sucking in the sun, as only a hungry and starving soul might see fit, I hope never to leave the sheepskin, whereupon I sit. Stretching my body and opening up my emptying mind, I AM totally transfixed to see what I might next, so mysteriously and magically find ....

Katherine Marion

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