Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dandelions Are Powerful Beings

Did you know you can never really snuff a dandelion out?

She keeps coming up for air.

Endlessly rooted and forever fair.

Have you ever tasted dandelion tea for two?

Strong yet settling remedy.

Effortlessly stirring up a melody.

Can you feel her touching your skin?

Swaying gently in the breeze.

Bringing grown men to their knees.

Feel her at the bottom of your naked feet?

Brilliant plume of light calling out to you.

Herbal healing for symtoms quite a few.

Can you even imagine a world without her?

Overcoming every challenge that comes her worldy way.

Whilst putting on a gloriously colorful display.

May we see Goddess' gift as other than a weed?

Blown to seed when Nature sends forth her call.

Crowing glory to rise, again, for one and all.

Katherine Marion


Kaelin captured this sweet image of Momma K, kneeling in a field of burnt-out dandelions. When I first heard about dandelions and how they never really leave, for long, even when they are supposed uprooted, I intantly felt attached to these powerful beings. Affection is what I feel for my fellow creatures of this enchantingly earthly domain.

Connected to the earth, I shall forever live.


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