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Friday, April 23, 2010

Just Close Your Eyes

Just close your eyes for a moment

and see what you see ...

or, won't

Simply let go and slow down

to see what isn't

your frown

Surely as the blink of a lid

forgetting was is

never did

Remember what they said

in never as much fun

as playing dead.

Katherine Marion

Walking along the colorful sidewalks of Marpole, with my son and his young pal, Charlie, is always a bit of spontaneity that I highly reccomend to anyone to set their sail a'spin.

Children know when to wake up and close their shutters ... Nobody has to set an alarm or pinch them to see if they are still alive. They do as they please and watch out .. if they are not.

We all need to play. Our child reminds us of what is real and anything that is not is wrongful to our health and the happiness of our off-spring, better un-sprung, if we choose not to listen to the lesson, possibly again, never to be sung.

My greatest joy is spent walking with my pure and precious little boy. May all Mothers and Fathers benefit as I do, by listening to the rustling of the leaves, smelling the fragrant flowers and blessing the open hearts of the blessed child  they are so priveleged to call their own.


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