Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sitting Down Naked With The Truth

Rather than watch the setting Vancouver sun ... I blow my front tire, closing in on Quebec and 2nd Ave - to pick up our latest raw vegan feed and fuel.

Kaelin blows his back tire, soon afterward.

Two Supernatural soul-mates decide to walk for hours, photographing Science World by night - the best light, and simply enjoying life and its many splendors ... when we allow ourselves to sweetly surrender.

In the early hours of one more magical morn, we arrived home, revved and tired. Yet, ready for whatever challenges we might mysteriously meet.

Delivering 10,00 papers by bicyle, can be viewed an an unavoidable obstacle by some. Even more beautifully, an invite to a new world, opening up ... by a telling and terrific two!!!!

Katherine Marion


Just as Kaelin has viewed his own rousing perspective of Science World;  so brilliantly capured  .. with a zoom lens ... zooming, it is all in HOW YOU CHOOSE TO SEE IT!


We prefer ours ... " a little scewered, please."

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