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"Born Unto Genius" - - newly published article by Momma KAT

Born Unto Genius - The Unschooled School Of Thought and Feelings

"Imagination is more important than education." - Eisntein.

Each and every one of is born perfect. We laugh, cry and emote as we feel and see fit; not on command, as trained cattle. From an early age we are herded as an unruly flock of sheep; to graze where and of what we are told. Disciplined if we do not pay attention and do as we are directed. Although we begin, fresh and new; dependent on another for drink, food, shelter and support, we soon strive for independence, and hopefully, finally, interdependence. Sadly, most floundering flocksters lose their fun sense of self; duly reminded and negatively programmed that it is selfish to live for yourself and life's happiness. One more individual loses her/his grounding and falls to the ground ... to be brutally beaten and often, totally eaten up, by the patriarchal school system and all other broken-down systems that have not and never will work; especially for the highest good of all wo/man-kind. That is, if you are looking to enter into a kinder, gentler world!

Bullying on playgrounds.Highly addictive substances routinely sold in schoolyards. Lack of healthy mentorship. Feeling lost in a crowd. Peer pressure. Competing for that next ribbon, reward or over-worked and under-paid teachers gold star.

Simply a few healthy and valid reasons why I so wisely chose to un-school my bright, alert and extremely intelligent son-rising. Enchantingly envisioning my child becoming the best he can possibly be, for himself. Seeing him delve inside of himself to bring out his beauty, brightness and boldness. Allowing myself to work around this genius-work in progress ... Centering myself in the wisdom that I feel innately to be true for myself and my blossoming bud of a boy. Watching wonder upon wondrous miracle occuring ... as I am witness to emotional growth, spiritual evolution, keen awareness, acute perception, and a magical mass of critical llife skills developing within beauty left untouched.

Just as Michaelangelo knew David was already there ... all he had to do was trust, believe and do 'his work.' This single homeschooling mom never has to teach the blessed being that came forth from her. If anything, our children teach us; patience, compassion, due diligence and unconditional love. There is no order and there are no orders. When I child is ready to learn, like a flower s/he blooms. It Is the parent that needs to slow down, pay heed, change gears, remove old and worn-out attitude, let go of hidden fears, and feel safe to move forward without caution; merely pure and essential joy.

One of the oldest and incorrect myths out there ... in the grossly uneducated world, is that our free-form unschooled children are hanging their sad and sorry heads over some old and tattered schoolbook that is somehow going to keep them from being socialized in the rigid, ritualistic fashion that school was originally intended for. No. There is no set agenda when your gentle-hearted giant of a genius learns to feel her/his own rythm and dance to the telling tempo of the beat that beats within his/her own sacred soul. Tenderly touching the creative canvas with colors the consciousness can not dictate.Writing words that bespeake of gods and goddess'.If neccesary, not reading until the ripe age of 12; as was the story with Robert Frost. Picking up a musical instument on and of your own conscious accord. Gently guiding another shining star to shine as they may. Freeing up a whole lot of luscious energy for a person in the magical making to simply be as relaxed, at ease, confident and filled with enought self-esteem to crayon outside of societal lines and create an infinite expanse of un-touched frontier to fly forth from ...

If you can possibly imagine ... my son was forced to enter into pre-school from the age of 3 to 5 years. As a proud single mom, it was deemed highly improbable that my son was safe unless he was "seen outside in the community." Or, this is what the all power-wielding Ministry of Children and Families strongly urged me to do. Or else ... Of course, a smart momma has her wondrous ways around this; yet he was part of that outside system for at least a couple to a few hours a day; allowing me to make the best out of it and get a good bike-ride or workout at the gym. As time grew, as did my rising-son, MCFD was alerted that I had no intention of indoctrinating my joyous genius; thus many threats due to anonymous calls from concerned neighbors and other jealous community members. Especially when my site set sail ... At the ripe age of 8 my innocent 8 year young was apprehended by a trauma - inducing troupe of police, ministry workers and a public health nurse, taking him away to a gay male foster home for 7 terrifying months. My raw, vegan homeschooler was fed Barfer King on a daily basis and stuffed with violent movies that kept him locked in fear and isolation, exactly as intended. The reason he was taken away 8 days before Xmas on the 8th year of his loving life? It was assumed that Kaelin "might become illiterate."

So, they forced me to forfeit my rights as a Mother, papers were signed and my son and I were legally dis-abled to start school; teaching my son how to read and folow directions .. in order to pacify pontificating bureacrats who are easily satisfied. And, if they are not, watch out ...

We must read between the lines in this life. The only way to learn to trust your intincts is to follow them. To "live by example" is a good case, when and if a functunional role-model if found or available. In this consciousness-raising case, I divinely deemed myself to be what my son needed to grow and evolve at the soul-ripening rate he desired. Of course, I had no idea the trickle-effect these 'new-fangled notions' of mine would set into motion. Truly never realizing until it happened .. the rampant ignorance allowed to rot on the far from victoriouis vine, especially in this seemingly civilized 21st century. Understanding that what I saw as a gift to my son was viewed as a definate threat by the system and 'powers that be' and supposedly rule this rotting and primitive culture. Yet, knowing that the only way to continue onward is to rise above ... keep reaching up, and continually look within.

These are the first words my son ever strung together into a full sentence; "I close my eyes and I visualize." Every day, I give myself credit for passing on my inner strength and beauty to the stream of consciousness that flowed forth from me, at the pregnant pause of 36. Empowering myself to empower my own son is some of the sweetest honey this Queen Bee has ever miraculously made. Slowing down to raise your highest vibrations can do the utmost good for the greatness that lays and never lies within ones sweetest and undeniably authentic self.

Go ahead, leave the nest. Don't just try. Do it. Just spread your wings and
fly ...

Katherine Marion

Registered homelearner teacher - Wondertree - Kaelin's blog


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