Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sky Is The Limit ...


Upon this pure and precious Easter Sunday, one more appreciator of fine women recently asked me if there had been any good Easter egg hunting that had come my way. Of course, with baskets as full as mine, who could really wonder ...?

A gorgeous gift that recently dropped into my welcome and loving lap is a beautiful bikini, seductively constructed of the sexiest chain link, thanks to a an old boyfriend of mine, whom I first began dating over 30 years ago, and soon lived with for many safe and soul-supporting years. After my Mom had been taken away at 16 and finally and forever at 18, two convicted rapes at the same graduating into life-age;  a future too well pronounced, was nothing I could consciouly slow down to think about, let alone, actively ponder, for many a wounded while.

Is it such a surprise that I should want to dress up and feel like a sexy woman, after playing the precious part of self-professed and catharically confessed, proud single Mommy for 14 years? With my sweet and darling boy sharing the gift of his Aries birthday, this enchanted eve; as we prepare to launch into the watching of a variety of wild comedies that shall keep us up into the magical morn, why not suffer the indignities of my eternal sleep deprivation by sending out a few sexy pokes into the wet Vancouver night!

I LOVE this sweet top by, recently tried on and purchased, in sunny Vancouver's For a Goddess whom used to wear Parisian designer outfits, on a regular basis; especially during my day of diva delight, wild antics and outright comedic carnage, I ofen-times sorely miss the mischief-making of just DOING IT ... and not giving a damn what happens ... or who is watching while it is being done. Actually revelling in the glory that comes with being so carefree that consequences are not even in the voracious vocabulary of a vixen who knows only victory!

I know in my happiest heart of hearts that I am unlocking the hidden key for so many who dare to do so little of what they dream and desire. If others wish to live a little of a red and rosier life, vicariously through victorious me, then so let it so beautifully and blessedly be.What greater gifts can I honor the world with?

I am opening up ... as a flower in the sunshine of my eternal youth. No light is too bright enough. I have been pushed and shoved into the darkness of others despair for far too long a forgotten and forever fortuitous while. If pushing my cleavage into a wide angle lens sends another into schlock-waves of personal bereavement for the broken-down sacred self that they forlornly placed on a dusty shelf, then so be it.

Letting go of fears can occur in many a magical way. With the wondrous words you say. The luscious love you freely send. The outrageous attire you willfully wear. The 34F's one can of two - so generously share, who gives a Goddess blink'n care, what others think. For in a beatifully blinding blink of my eco-friendly mascara'd 40 sexy lashes ... I can blink, turn around and send 'em full throttle spinn'n, over and over a rawsome rebel rousing, tight and toned tummy untucked time, again ...

Get real.

I am.

Katherine Marion


Now, to sink down into the bedsheets and suck on a banana, blackberry smoothie, fit for a bombshell who dares to bare her truth - in whatever bewitching way she does charimingly choose ...


The new shipment of sexiest lacy, short tights and more .. Or, is it less? Comes forth in the upcoming few weeks. Going strong until then, and definately in the marvelous mood of accepting Goddess-sent gifts.

Go ahead, make my divine day!

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