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Thursday, April 22, 2010

I Am Here To LOVE

Why does a Mother have to do anything other than love?

After pushing a baby out of her ... the world gives them both a shove.

Where does it say a Mother should be anything except held in high esteem?

Looking after too much and many is barely touching upon a dream.

Who does she think she is to only want to be there for her only beloved son?

Creating space for one another in a world that barely has room for anyone.

What does it mean when work comes before children left all alone?

A blessed  child rarely asks for anything except love to call his home

When will parents wake up and smell the pansies before they die of neglect?

That which came through and to us we must never reject

Who says we can't create the life of our own conscious choosing?

Anything else and its our own inner heartbeat's we risk losing!

Katherine Marion


The other day, Kaelin roller-skated close to 15 miles, to pick me up a surprise of a box of fresh springtime pansies.

"I want to get you something," he told me, after promising to return from his mini adventure, within 15 minutes, so that we may visit MAB Ventures at Science World; hosting her art exhibition of 60 local artists, and more ...

Well, it never happened. And, to actually think that my 14 year young son might be secretly buying some Yu-Gi-Oh cards. Or, even worse ...

Blading in the front door ... flawless skin, rosy as a new bud. The most darling smile, as wide as as the infinite horizone.

Excited to give Mommy, the woman who gave him life, a chance and endless possibilities; a gift - with this birthday money!

Now, this is real LOVE.

I AM the blessed MOTHER.


Kaelin has recently been going through thousands of photo's, in the 'other' room  ... to carefully tape onto the bedroom wall, where honor takes presidence and frequent family viewing is a pure and precious pleasure.

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  1. give that precious boy a hug - I will always be gratefull that i was there at his entrance into this world. i just wish with all my heart that it was a kinder and gentler world. . . taught to love by you- he will be the change we want to see... A man who loves not for control, but for love. . .XO love you both