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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Greg and Kaelin Celebate 14 Years

Ex-boyfriend from decades past

Boy growing up truly raw and fast

Giving generous gift of  Yu-Gi-Oh

Stacked collector deck to fully grow

Greg comes into our Olympic city

Eating 100% fresh and sitting pretty

Staying up way past usual bedtime

His heart's reason is surely rhyme

Happy home conscious and kind

Remarks the quiet man I left behind

Finding old friends can be pure joy

When loving me and  my big boy!

Katherine Marion


Greg tells me he only reads my "P.S."

Therefore, I shall simply and sweetly remind him now, of how thoughtful he was and is to have given the gift of his unconditional love and friendship to my birthday boy - Kaelin.

And, that wicked pair of K2 skates came in handy, the other day, while Mom and Son went of a midnight stroll/stride!

See you, in May.

1 comment:

  1. Son gets to bond with one of your ex boyfriends. Not his father of course, who you drove away with your insanity. I sure bet that lifter his self esteem though. No wonder he's always smiling